New Horizons

Through our New Horizons National Music Project, you can receive music lessons for the first time or reconnect with a previously played instrument. You might even help us form a LECOM Center for Health and Aging choral group or band.

The LECOM Center for Health and Aging program is modeled after the National New Horizons Music Program which had its beginnings in Rochester, NY and was designed to serve adults interested in returning to, or wanting to begin to play, music.

It is well understood that music is a way of experiencing life and giving it expression. And that is what the music program is all about.

There is a Music Making and Wellness Movement that is supporting research to investigate the link between music and wellness. Early into these studies, there is an indication that music making reduces depression and increases the strength of the immune system. Without any research, it is a given that great fun, friendships, and personal enrichment and satisfaction are outgrowths of making music.

The New Horizons Music Project of LECOM Center for Health and Aging is directed by Judith Wahlenmayer, a member of The Greenville Symphony Orchestra, Edinboro University String Ensemble, and the Conneaut Creek String Band. Judy also performs locally in other small ensembles.

The New Horizons Music Project meets on Thursdays at 4 pm. Contact Marie Heberlein at 453-5072 for more information or to join.